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Family, Friends, and Rock n' Roll

This summer was filled with many memorable events, one being a family wedding where we were finally all together with my husband’s wonderful niece, his three nephews and their significant others, several of whom I had never met. It’s said that when you marry, you marry a whole family, and if that’s true, then I struck gold. Hubby’s extended family has been consistently warm, loving, and completely accepting of this new member of the tribe. When his (our) niece refers to me as “Aunt Angie”, it warms my heart.

Another sweet event was Hubby’s 50th high school reunion (a year delayed due to COVID) where I met classmates he grew up with, friends who have managed to stay in touch over all these years. I have one such friend from 7th grade, and I consider her a treasure. She and I will remain best friends forever. We have to: we know each other’s secrets.

A highlight of the gathering of the Class of ’71 was the performance of Cession 2.0, the recently reunited band my husband and his buddies had in high school. It was no small feat getting the ensemble of two trumpets, tenor sax, trombone, bass, keyboard and drums back together and ready to play for this big event. The musicians lived all over the country, three had taken “a 50 year break” from playing, and one had to purchase an instrument to participate. Now that’s friendship.

Two years of hard work paid off. Hubby served as the musical director, arranging tunes from the ‘70s from groups such as Chicago and Blood, Sweat & Tears. The players practiced diligently, met by ZOOM regularly, and traveled to Ohio months before the event for a week of intense in-person rehearsals. They arrived “at the gig” days before the performance for more practice. They sounded terrific.

Cession 2.0 was a huge success and it didn’t take long for the crowd to start dancing and singing along. This was the band’s gift to their classmates, and what a beautiful gift it was, a gesture of friendship steeped in fond memories of the past and creating new memories for the future. No one who was there will ever forget it.

How did this classical flutist fare around all this rock n’ roll? I loved it. I danced. I sang. I got to make my rock n’ roll debut, joining the band on the flute part from Chicago’s “Colour My World”. Another item crossed off my bucket list; I’ve played with a rock band. More importantly, I met a lot of very wonderful people, a few of whom I hope will remain friends forever.

Here’s to family, friends, and rock n’ roll.

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