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The Day of The Concert

Pacific Arts Ensemble

Saturday, April 9, 2022, 3:00PM

Grizzly Peak Winery, Ashland, OR

’Twas the day of the concert and all through the house,

The performers were stirring, including my spouse.

The posters were hung in store windows with care,

In hopes that the towns people all would be there.

The instruments still snuggled safe in their beds,

All had to be moved before music was read.

Harp and cello were loaded, which wasn’t a snap,

While I carried my very small flute in my lap.

En route to the venue we heard quite a clatter,

The music stands bumping but that didn’t matter.

Ashland is small, we arrived in a flash

Drove up to the wine room, unloaded our stash.

The sun on the beautiful vineyard below

Reflected a purple-y golden-y glow.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear,

But Al and Virginia with welcoming cheer.

Their wine is delicious, their winery merry,

The whites taste of pear, the reds taste of berry.

They graciously host artists week after week,

What a treasure we have in our dear Grizzly Peak!

My colleagues reminded me “time to prepare”,

So I entered the hall and jumped right up the stair,

To the top of the stage to my seat I did go,

And took out my flute to prepare for the show.

Natalie’s fingers on strings they did fly,

And Dan’s playing still so remarkably spry.

I lifted my flute to my lips right on cue,

My fingers in place and a huge breath I drew.

And then in a twinkling I heard us all play

And I knew this was going to be a great day.

As we plucked, bowed, and blew and made lots of great sound,

I heard my name called and so I turned around.

Dear Peter, all dressed up right down to his shoes,

Was at the front door with incredible news;

The people were lined up to hear us all play.

This really was going to be a great day!

As we left the big stage so the crowd could come in,

They entered with wine glasses filled to the brim.

They greeted each other with smiles broad and vast,

So happy the mask was a thing of the past!

They all took their seats, conversations died down,

It was time for the three of us now to go on.

We bounded onstage, applause filling our heads,

Looked out at our fans, we had nothing to dread.

There were friends old and new who had come on that day

To enjoy and appreciate what we would play.

We bowed, took our seats, and the music began,

All thanks to the brilliant arrangements by Dan.

The notes through the air they did float, they did fly,

It seemed in a flash the whole concert went by.

It all went so well, really splendid and fine,

And now may the working musicians have wine?

Adapted from The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore

© 2022 Angela Koregelos

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